Stauning considers stopping its whisky production in a desperate attempt to stop The Whisky War*. Stauning will not accept that a war is going on in the name of whisky. This statement should be seen as a pressure to the Danish-Canadian taskforce, who since 2018 has been working to resolve the border conflict over Hans Island. Stauning has the opinion that peace is within reach and that only stubbornness and lack of curiosity prevent a solution. It’s Stauning’s hope that this call out to all distilleries as well as whisky lovers across the world will tip the conflict in favour of whisky peace. After all, it must be difficult to keep a whisky war going without whisky, right?

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Whisky Peace
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Whisky Peace
Stopping our production of whisky to end the Whisky War might seem silly. But not as silly as the Whisky War itself. Let’s make #whiskypeace.
*The Whisky War is a border conflict between Denmark and Canada over Hans Island. Since the 1930s, Hans Island has been in the middle of a disagreement between the two nations. In 1984, Canada provoked Denmark by planting its flag on the island and leaving a bottle of Canadian whisky. The Danish Minister of Greenland Affairs came to the island himself the same year with the Danish flag and a bottle of schnapps. Since then the ritual has been repeated numerous times.


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